About us

My name is Petr Boril, and I am the owner of company MTeZ. My former partners and I founded this company in 1999. We intended to supply materials for pattern shops which were not known yet on the Czech market, such as lacquers, separators, resins, core vents and others. Through these materials, we wanted to help pattern shops to achieve higher quality, improve work, shorten the production time of patterns, and many other benefits. We tried to run a small business with a good team with great relationships that would do good work. We have succeeded in the market, so we started another crucial phase of company development by beginning production of patterns for Czech and German foundries. At that time, we were ten, and we were working in leased spaces.

Thanks to our commitment and hard work of all of us, we have managed to increase the volume of orders quickly. As a result, we have decided to expand our production premises, and we have started building our workspace. In December 2005, we managed to complete the construction and move to our production hall. Since then, we have been based in the industrial zone in Zdar nad Sazavou, and our production premises have increased to three times the original production area. Given the amount of work and satisfied customers, we have decided to extend the hall again and make the most out of the lot in 2018.

My intention always was and still is to increase the professionalism of our staff and step by step add new advanced production technology. Nowadays, we own and operate four CNC milling machines which enable processing of materials in three or five axes. The introduction of new technologies has led us to set up our CAD drawing center as well as CAM drawing center which we established after that. After due consideration, we have completed this technology chain by purchasing 3D scanning technology in 2015. As a result of all these steps, by default, we achieve the required accuracy and productivity of manufacturing while maintaining high-quality products. Furthermore, we have set up our service center of CNC machinery and conventional machines which provides high-quality service to our external customers. In 2018, we employ 30 employees who are experts in their field.

Together with the expansion of production premises and technologies, we have also expanded the company's production portfolio over time. Recently, we don't only produce patterns, but we also realize projects in aviation, interior design, sanitation technology, advertising agencies, particular packing companies, art, and architecture. Another necessary activity is subcontracting for other manufacturers.

In the future, the main aim of my colleagues and me is to maintain high-quality products within the agreed deadlines and prices. We want to provide excellent service to our customers in a continually evolving, modern and prosperous company. We want to give them all the necessary support for the implementation of orders and thus help them continuously improve their competitiveness.

Big thank you to all our customers and suppliers for their trust which we much appreciate and look forward to a further mutual and long-term cooperation.

For the whole team,
Petr Bořil
owner of company MTeZ 
Modern Technology Zone