Service of CNC machines

In 2017, we established our service center to provide all maintenance services for our production technology and also for the machinery of external customers.

We offer our existing customers a rapid response service and support 24 hours a day.

We provide:  

  • CNC woodworking machines service

  • Conventional woodworking machines service

servis konvenčních dřevoobráběcích strojů
servis CNC dřevoobráběcích strojů


  • Diagnostics - Machine condition analysis

  • Solution design - machine repair

  • Machine adjustment

Spare parts delivery:  

  • The service has available original parts for woodworking machinery

  • Appropriate replacement of original parts for woodworking machinery

originálními díly pro dřevoobráběcí stroje
laser tracker Leica

Carried out with modern, accurate and efficient methods:

  • measurement/the machine positioning

  • alignment/compensation of the machine

  • adjustment/set up of the machine 

We use Leica laser tracker (see 3D Measurement section)

We offer:  

  • Team Viewer application

To quickly determine the scope of service. Our service technician can connect to the machine through this application. A link to a free download application here.


Phone.: +420 566 666 441
Cell Phone: +420 602 561 996
Skype: servis.mtez