The primary focus of our production is the manufacturing of patterns and molds for foundries not only in the Czech Republic. 

Furthermore, we have extensive experience with realization of projects for designers, artists, manufacturers of sanitary equipment, export packaging manufacturers, aviation industry and subcontracting for other companies. 

Our production team, consisting of professionals aged 20 – 60, brings a lot of traditional and unconventional solutions for the customer from the design to implementation. 

We offer:  

  • Customer friendly approach

  • Cooperation in product design optimization concerning design and functionality

  • Quality product processing according specification

  • Openness to use traditional and non-traditional techniques, methods and solutions

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

We use modern technology:

  • CNC milling machines

  • Conventional machines

  • Tools

  • Software equipment

  • Measuring devices

Material processed:  

  • Wood, plywood, MDF, HDF

  • Plastics

    • PU boards of different densities

    • Nylon

    • Pertinax -SRBP (Textit, Kartit)

  • Resin

  • Polystyrene

  • Aluminum

  • Plaster

  • Iron

  • Suitable combinations of these materials

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Odoo image and text block

We further offer other manufacturing services:

  • Materials formatting

  • Production of semi-finished products

  • Production of components

  • Surface treatment by varnishing 

  • Materials bonding

  • Production of prototypes

Complementary services:  

  • Product Measurement and Scanning by a 3D scanner (3D Scanning Section)

  • Product delivery to a designated location