CNC Machining

One of our company's activities is machining of materials on CNC milling machines for our production and partially for our external customers. We began this activity in 2008. Thanks to our broad portfolio of conventional machines, softwares, and skilled specialists, we furthermore offer other complementary services (see below) before and after CNC machining itself.

List of our CNC machines:  

  • CNC 5-axis milling machine TITAN

  • CNC 5-axis milling machine TAURUS

  • CNC 3-axis milling machine PROFORM

  • CNC 3-axis milling machine SCORPION

The maximum dimension of machined part is 6000x3000x1100 mm. (L x W x H).

CNC pěti osá frézka TITAN
CNC obrábění dřeva

What we offer:

  • Woodworking

  • Machining of wood-based materials

    • Plywood

    • MDF

    • HDF

  • Machining of plastics

    • PU boards of different densities

    • Pertinax SRBP (Textit, Kartit)

    • Resin

    • Polystyrenes

  • Aluminum machining

  • Machining of plaster

  • Machining of combinations of these materials

What we accomplish for our customers:  

  • Agreed machining accuracy

  • Required Surface Quality

  • Machining complex and various shapes

  • Fulfilling Agreed Terms

kalibrace cnc stroje
Měření a kontrola výrobků 3D skenerem

What complementary services we offer:

  • Processing of data delivered by the customer

  • Consultancy and design solutions - optimizing machining

  • CAD drawing (see CAD / CAM sections)

  • CAM programming (see CAD / CAM sections)

  • Design of custom tools including fast delivery

  • Preparation of semi-finished products

  • Surface treatment after milling (Finish)

  • Product measurement and scanning by a 3D scanner ( see 3D Scanning Section)

  • Delivering products to a designated location