One of the complementary services offered by company MTeZ is 3D scanning. We use 3D scanning as one of the ways of declaring quality of our more complex products to our customers.

Furthermore, we offer this service to other external customers.

We do:  

  • High-precision 3D measurements

  • Detailed high-resolution scanning

  • Full dimensional analysis

  • We issue complex protocols 

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Odoo image and text block

We offer:

  • on-site measurement by our technician with a necessary device around the Czech Republic

  • technician consultation to determine the scope of measurement

We use:

  • 3D scanner ATOS Compact Scan 5M made by German company GOM.

Lightweight and compact design opens new areas of application and ensures a perfect fit for three-dimensional measurement of components such as cast and injected parts, molds and patterns, interiors, prototypes, design models and more.

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  • Big stand

  • Small stand

  • Touche probe

  • Three types of camera arms

Device supplier:  

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